With the blessings of Shri Nathji, Shri yamunaji & ShriMahaprabhuji And the agyah of our guru

        Considering your bhaav as an essential element in your seva towards Thakurji, We at Pushti Shringar, give you Vaishnavs the opportunity to shop, from the comforts of your home, abushans for your Thakurji to aid you in your Seva Pranali.

          Be it Lalan or Chitraji Swaroop shringar  seva, we present to you Vaishnavs a complete range of wonderfully coordinated trendy shringars to adorn your Thakurji.

       You want to adorn your Thakurji tastefully with the right type of Jewelry, beautifully combined and artfully displayed? Then think no further just go ahead and pamper your Thakurji, through our wide variety of Shri Mastak, Shri Karn, Shri Kanth, Shri Hasth, Shri Kati, Shri Charan and Shri Gadhiji shringars along with Khel accessories.

          Though, thorough care has been taken to ensure that all pictures match the actual products, we feel that some of the colours and sizes might slightly vary from the actual product, hence we request you all vaishnavs to bear with us, but nonetheless if you feel that the product is not satisfactory for your lalan and/or Chitraji Swaroop then please feel free to return the product within two days from the date of delivery and your funds will be refunded accordingly. Please refer carefully to our terms and conditions. If you have any special query about any product and/or need any clarification regarding the same, then feel free to contact us at support@pushtishringar. com and we will gladly assist you. The currency section is just a guide to give you an approximate idea of the product cost in the selected currency it is not to be termed as final price. 
            Please note that the prices quoted are nett, courier and vat charges are applicable. The jewelry depicted is made of imitation stones and gems. The jewelry in the semi precious column is made with silver base finished with gold polish and are studded with American diamonds and the pearls are of Chinese origin.


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